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Turn Around Management for Beginners

Share this postTurnaround processes may succeed or not. Actually, chances to fail are predominant. But the important thing is that turnaround is a different approach of business management. Another skillset is required, but in general, especially in small companies, no one can replace the pilot in command when trouble is near. Here are a few […]

Why Do IT Projects Fail?

Share this post According to Gallup Management Journal, 70%+ of IT initiatives fail due to “people” issues.  My question to you is why? There are 3 rails to business:  People, Process, and Technology.  In today’s world, most money is spent on Technology:  put the system in place, transfer the data, stablize it, and do the […]

Mind of a Champion

Share this postThe Mind of a Champion is a team of professionals that coaches Performance Intelligence™. Working with both organizations and individuals, Performance Intelligence™ training gives you the ability to perform your best when it matters most. Performance Intelligence™ is grounded in the principles of sports psychology. It says you have another level to your […]

YouTube Channel

Share this postWe create YouTube Channels for companies. Huddle Productions can do this for any type of company. We have done it for real estate firms, steel companies, automobile, hotels, and even golf courses. Third Rail Lofts is a downtown luxury loft in Dallas that we created a YouTube video. They are currently vying for […]

Top Brands Benefit from Social Media

Share this postA new study released by enterprise wiki provider Wetpaint and theAltimeter Group shows that the brands most engaged in social media are also experiencing higher financial success rates than those of their non-engaged peers. To determine this relationship, the study focused on 100 companies from the 2008 BusinessWeek/Interbrand Best Global Brands survey and the various social […]

Twitter Still Confusing?

Share this postTwitter is growing at over 1300% per month and has over 68 million users then why are so many people still confused about it? A new research poll by Harris Interactive shows that 69% don’t know enough about Twitter to have an opinion about it. Maybe we need a Twitter University. Here is […]