Barry Switzer on our SSEshow Google+ Hangout

Our Google+ Hangout Social Sports & Entertainment(SSEshow) show has grown from 500 fans to over 774,000 in one year. We are very excited about our growth and look forward to engaging more interesting guests for our viewers in the future.

Here is a recent show with former Dallas Cowboys & Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Barry Switzer.

The Social Sports and Entertainment Show (#SSEshow) with Emmy Award winning host Chris Yates and producers Charles Hogge and Knox Keith is a highly interactive show featuring sports and entertainment professionals who are active in social media. Chris Yates, owner of Huddle Productions, has twenty-five years of experience in the broadcast industry that includes working with networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN. Chris and his team have covered events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, The Masters, Stanley Cup Finals, BCS National Championship and Daytona 500. Recognizing the opportunities that Google has recently made available, he has been able to use the newest forms of technology to create content that is highly entertaining and engaging. You can find Chris’ web based media on the homepages of industry leaders such as CNN.

By utilizing the Google+ Hangouts On Air feature the Social Sports and Entertainment Show has been able to create live content that broadcasts to YouTube and Google+ simultaneously and bring the fans up close and personal with professionals they would otherwise never had the opportunity to interact with.

Check out this promo and see some of the guests.

Come join the conversation and become a part of the most interactive sports show on the internet.

Quotes from past shows:
Chris Wright – President of the Minnesota Timberwolves:: “For those of you that are sort of in the trenches on this stuff keep fighting with people like me. You know to get the resources that you need to really develop the digital space inside of whatever sports property it is that you work for. You know you guys are the trailblazers, you are where the great world of sports is going from the communication standpoint and you know remember that it is one on one marketing, figure out your consumers. Figure out the way that they want to be communicated with and make sure that you fight for the resource. Get into that president’s office or the VP of communications make sure you fight the resources that you need to be able to communicate with your fans.”

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