Chevrolet Social Media Strategy

By: Chris Yates

The best way to understand strategies for Social Media is to figure out the profiles of those involved. According to the book “Groundswell” there are 5 types of groups involved in Social Media.

1) Spectators – Read or watch videos online but don’t really respond or participate in the dialogue.

2) Joiners – Maintain a profile on social sites but are not involved daily.

3) Collectors – A little more involved in Social Media. They use RSS feeds and “vote” on social sites.

4) Critics – Post ratings/reviews. Comment on blogs, contribute to forums, and contribute or edit articles.

5) Creators – The most active are creators. They publish blogs, websites, upload videos they created, upload audio or music they created, write and comment on blogs.

Companies trying Social Media marketing are typically the creators. Their goal is to create interesting content so the critics, collectors, joiners and spectators want to read and engage with their message.

Chevrolet tried a different approach during a race at Texas Motor Speedway. Chevrolet wasn’t the creator of the content instead they invited Social Media bloggers, videographers, and photographers to take part in the driver introductions and gave them the opportunity to tell about their experience.

This Social Media Strategy worked because Chevrolet gave individuals a unique experience that was worth sharing. Chris Yates from Huddle Productions got to drive around the 2009 Truck Series Champion Ron Hornaday. It was a great experience to drive in front of Nascar fans and share this experience with a video produced with a Flip Camera.

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  1. Patrick C says:

    Actually, GM (one of my agency’s clients) as a whole embraces social media whole-heartedly. They have run a number of [large] campaigns including Chevy Aveo Livin Large ( and the Cadillac CTSV Challenge @cadillac/#CTSV). All included real people, real bloggers, and grass roots programs to ignite engagement from the lightly interested in green SUV’s to hardcore car fanatics. They’re really trying all aspects!

  2. James says:

    So does this mean Gm will listen to people now? Bring back the zf-650, people still want manual transmission just look at all the swap we do .

    And secondly,bring back the diesel suburban

    ..nuff said


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