Chris Brogan Social Media Builds a Brand

By: Chris Yates

Building a brand takes time. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to market themselves and build trust among their clients. Social media is the best communication channel for this. The best case study for this would be Chris Brogan, who through Social Media, has built a great brand-HIMSELF.

Brogan built his brand by building relationships over time. He’s been blogging for over a decade and even though no one was listening….Brogan was…to others.

Chris Brogan would blog, listen, interact, blog, listen and interact. This cycle would go on for 8 years before he would find some success-100 readers to his blog.

Times have changed. Brogan, now has over a million readers and is a best selling author. He’s also considered one of the top 5 bloggers in the world and was voted one of the top 10 communicators in the nation. His book, Trust Agents, was very appropriately titled.

Trust is what Brogan is all about, no matter how long it took. Something every company could learn from him.

Chris Yates did a video interview with Chris Brogan during his speaking event at the Social Media Club of Dallas.

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  1. Cynthia Smoot says:

    Ah, good times. Thanks for sharing! That night has stuck with me and I love Chris’ message that regardless of all the technology, your success ultimately boils down to your ability to communicate and engage with PEOPLE.


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