The iPad Will Change Us All

What does the iPad mean for the social arena?

First off, it’s suffice to say that the iPad has taken the world by storm. 1 million iPads sold in the first 28 days is astronomical and surpasses, by nearly double, the growth of when the iPhone was debuted just a few short years ago. Also, TUAW states that the avg. cost of an iPad app is only $1 more than an iPhone app. This means that similar numbers seen from the iPhone App Store sales could be seen on the iPad VERY soon.

Second thing to consider, look at how the iPhone changed the social arena. Not only did it bring true full feature connectivity to the services we love like Facebook and Twitter, on the go, but it brought completely unique services dependent on the technology that the iPhone, and other platforms like Android, brought to our hands. Services like Gowalla and Foursquare, two apps that use geo-location to bring interactivity with the world around you, have grown rapidly in their short time of availability.

So, what does the iPad bring to the table and how is it going to change our social networking activities?

It’s going to bridge the gap between how you use your iPhone and how you use your laptop/desktop computers… and maybe even how you watch tv, read the newspaper, flip through a magazine, play your video games, etc etc… It’s bringing the social interaction revolutions that came from the iPhone and making it explode into different areas the iPhone hadn’t touched.

Granted, all it really is, is an oversized iPod Touch… that’s a fairly common criticism and rightly so. The iPad doesn’t add much in new features that the iPhone/iPod Touch didn’t already have. However, what seems insignificant in the differences; screen size, hard drive space… these will be what brings the next big wave of change.

The goal is “simpler” says Steve Wozniak, who cofounded Apple Inc. with CEO Steve Jobs, and companies like the New York Times get it. The NYTimes App delivers the newspaper/website in a totally new fashion while giving you the same news you’re used to. Advertising is molding itself to find a place on your iPad screen and doing so in totally new ways, “simpler” ways. Apple is just debuting iAd, which Apple believes will take the advertising world by storm. The goal is to apply the things social media has taught us to the ads we see, INTERACTIVITY.

The iPad will usher in the acceptance and usage of small, tablet computers as everyday items. Thus, the iPad will be the springboard for social networking’s next major movement… taking over all the other things we do during the day while doing it on the move.

You can see why it’s important to get involved now… remember when websites were a “waste of time” for a business?

By Corey Frey
Huddle Productions

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