Facebook Knows Your Face & Has Known Your Face

Facebook will be rolling out a “new” feature that uses facial recognition to suggest who you should tag in photos. After filling out a quick “Who is this?” survey, much like you see in Apple’s iPhoto, Facebook will have connected your face to your name, and your friend’s faces as well.
Facebook Who Is This
Although this sounds like a new addition to Facebook, they’ve been testing it for awhile… I’ve seen it on a few occasions. So this really isn’t a new rollout so much as it’s finally reaching everyone.

Facebook’s goal is to make tagging simpler and quicker in hopes that more people will tag their photos. This would create more social connections and, they hope, you more addicted to Facebook.

However, privacy is always a concern when working with Facebook. More tagged photos of you mean more Google image results for your name. Obviously Facebook will be updating its privacy settings to allow you control the us of the new Tag Suggestion feature… but Facebook’s highest level of privacy doesn’t always keep you off of Google.

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