Google+ Hangouts for TV Newscasts & Media

I started my Television Career in 1991 and thought I had seen it all…until now. Sarah Hill is changing the way viewers watch a TV Newscast.

During her broadcast she not only anchors the news, but also interacts with people on Google+ Hangouts. Sarah is giving the viewers an incredible new way to watch and interact with KOMU-TV 8 in Columbia, Missouri.

This is no longer a local audience she is reaching but an international one. Her viewers are now all over the world. Sarah has over 600,000 followers on Google+.

TV will never be the same.

This is the latest video that Sarah has done. She continues to grow her audience.

Google has now created a promo for Google + Hangouts for Media.




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  1. Janet Vasil says:

    Thanks for sharing this. TV as I knew it in my on-air career is soo last century. As a veteran and long ago local news anchor, I love seeing how new media is changing the way the world communicates. Exciting times.

    • Chris Yates says:

      There is so much opportunity and creativity in this space. I really like what Sarah Hill is doing with her TV newscast.

      Even the Oscars last night was more interactive. Online they allowed viewers the option to be a producer and pick one of 5 possible live locations to listen to. Pretty amazing stuff.


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