Future of Video

Online Video used to be an added bonus now it’s a necessity. We don’t just want to see video we expect it.

1) YouTube is currently the #2 most visited site in the world (Google is #1).

2) 54% of U.S. Internet users consume video online

3) 32% of respondents say they watch more video online than they did a year ago

4)People that watched a video advertisement online, 45% had some sort of measurable response from the ad, and 31% followed through on the advertisement enough to go to the company website  and 16% ended up making a purchase (fact provided from mashable.com).

Imagine those kind of numbers on sales calls. It’s obvious that video is a powerful tool but it’s only the beginning. J.R. Atkins of Nextcorp believes that Video may even replace texting one day. Huddle Productions did a video interview with J.R. Atkins on this topic.

Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely and link to huddle.atomicdesignweb.com

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