HD Video In Your Hand, Everywhere

For years now, semi-good quality still imagery could be taken from your phone. It was a revolution of photography that put the camera in reach 24/7 anywhere you wanted it. Major events have been captured that normally would’ve gone unrecorded. Our society has changed due to this mobile photographic uprising so much so that laws have been created and unspoken social rules have been set; privacy has suffered. Now, images of your vacation can be seen by friends and loved ones on the other side of the world, instantly. Our lives have found still images to replace words. It’s becoming a smaller world.

The past couple years, technology has slowly been giving us the same mobile revolution but in a different, next-step, kind of variety… video. The introduction of the Flip camera and basic video on your cellphone have opened the door. Many of the same changes we saw with the introduction of mobile still images, we are seeing with mobile video. Although good quality mobile video has lacked over the past couple years, we are now seeing the next generation of devices make their debuts, introducing HD on the go.

Smart phones will lead the way in this pocket HD crusade to bring HD video to everyone’s hands. The first day of pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 4 saw 600,000 phones ordered, easily a record sales figure for pre-orders of a cellphone in one day. The iPhone, and other phones like the HTC EVO 4G, are bringing HD 720p video into the norm. It’s suffice to say, that within a year, mobile HD video will have seen a MAJOR boost. It will be more common to see HD videos on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

What might this mean for online video? In short, it means, everyone will have video and the question will be “quality” instead of just “message”. Right now, the goal is to get video on your site with a strong message, but that might not be all that matters soon.

The eye in the sky might just be found in your pockets.

Written by Corey Frey

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