Huddle Productions at Ustream Party SXSW

Ustream President Brad Hunstable Talks About Their Beginnings and Creative Uses of Ustream
We caught up with Ustream President Brad Hunstable at the SXSW Ustream Party and talked with him about how Ustream began and some of the creative uses users are finding for Ustream. The White House is about to start using Ustream to broadcast various different press conferences and messages from the President. Huddle Productions teamed with Ustream to do a live broadcast of our Bud Light Gameday Rivals show for the College Football National Championship game searching for the Ultimate Tailgater.

Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler, who has a movie premiering at SXSW called “Wake”, stopped by Ustream and talked with Huddle Productions about how Ustream is changing the video entertainment market.

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz also stopped by to talk with us about how he uses Ustream.

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