Is YouTube the next Fox?

When it first launched it was not taken too seriously. How could a startup gain the loyalty of viewers so quickly? It takes decades to become a dominant player with viewers. But The FOX NETWORK did it in just 12 years. FOX is now the most popular network in America in general household ratings, dethroning CBS.[2] In the 2008-09 season.

Why mention FOX NETWORK? Because I think YouTube is quickly becoming the next FOX.

YouTube just like FOX is completely changing the landscape. When viewers want to watch a video they don’t wait until it airs on the Networks. Viewers first reaction is to go online and search YouTube.

1) YouTube got 7 Billion video views in one month(July ’09) which is a little more then the world population(6.779 Billion)

2) YouTube is #2 most searched website in the world(Google is #1)

3) YouTube claims that “over 70% of Ad Age Top 100 marketers ran campaigns on YouTube in 2008.”

4) YouTube owns 49.4% of the online video market (FOX interactive media has 2% market share)

5) Who are the most famous actresses in the world? Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and  Lonelygirl15? Yep, Lonelygirl 15 on YouTube has received 110 million views.

It’s pretty obvious that YouTube is winning viewers at an incredible pace. I believe YouTube, just like the FOX NETWORK, is now one of the most powerful Networks.

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