Mind of a Champion

The Mind of a Champion is a team of professionals that coaches Performance Intelligence™. Working with both organizations and individuals, Performance Intelligence™ training gives you the ability to perform your best when it matters most.

Performance Intelligence™ is grounded in the principles of sports psychology. It says you have another level to your professional game. Coaching you, the Mind of a Champion team can take you there. Actually, through our coaching model you are equipped take yourself there!

Performance Intelligence™ trains you to recognize your thinking, refocus that thinking to create new routines of the mind – utilizing your strengths, talents, skills and resources at the right time, in the right place and with the right format.

Through an initial Impact Session (Keynote, Workshop or Advance a/k/a Retreat) we coach the actionable attributes of Performance Intelligence™. This is followed by Spaced Repetition – periodic reinforcement of the attributes to promote positive results.

We are not a traditional consulting or training organization. We coach you through the gap between a learned skills set and the what-to-do thinking required to perform your best when it matters most. In bridging this gap our clients increase their ability to achieve results and exceed professional and personal goals.

Here is the video presentation that huddle.atomicdesignweb.com put together for our client.

For more information visit http://mindofachampion.org/index.php

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