New Technology to Simplify Social Media?

Do you realize there are over 250,000 Social Sites according to USA Today. So how is it possible to keep up with all that? You can’t!

So obviously you try and keep up with the larger ones like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. There’s another possible solution-Nomee. Huddle Productions went to the Social Media Club of Dallas to hear all about this new technology that may make it easier for people to use Social Media.

Here is Nomee’s description of what they’re all about.

Social Made Simple.
The power of all your networks in one tiny app.

nomee is the ultimate sharing and following tool, integrating
more than 100 sites and networks.

Not another social site, nomee is free software powered by Adobe AIR that lets you organize, monitor and connect to them all.

• Instant desktop updates
• All sites from one app
• Customize what you share by audience
• Follow your favorite celebs
• Feed your friends and fans

Click here to accept. Follow the quick steps, and you’ll have a live
connection to Angela Swenson and you can begin sharing with nomee, too!

To learn more about nomee, click here.
Chris Yates from Huddle Productions also did a quick video interview with Mitchell Savage the Strategic Alliances Director at

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