Pro Video. Non-Pro Price. Canon 7D DSLR

Professional video cameras have always carried a “professional” price tag. To get professional footage, you needed a professional video camera which took a big chuck out of your wallet. A lot of TV people are still stuck to the belief that traditional expensive Beta cameras are the way to go when really, they only look the part in todays media world. Recently, that line has been blurred by HD video becoming more and more common in consumer grade cameras. However, you’re often left with plain unchangeable lenses and a video sensor that worries more about size than image quality.

Now, you can look to still photography cameras to produce highly professional looking footage. Yes, I said “still”. There are several out there but one stands out above the rest with the best performance and image quality.

Canon has brought out a gem in the camera marketplace, the Canon EOS 7D DSLR. I excels in still photography with 18-megapixel APS-C sensor that takes photos at a blistering 8fps. It’s buffer can handle up to 15 RAW images at that speed, or even 94 JPEGs. But the video abilities are what excites us here.

The Canon 7D can produce videos in full 1080p HD at 30fps or 720p HD up to 60fps… WITH Canon 35mm lenses. This not only provides you quality HD video, it gives it that “film” look with the interchangeable lenses and strong color sensitivity. The hit FOX TV series House filmed an episode using the Canon 5D Mark II, a step below the 7D. National Geographic is using the 7D on their shoots. I should let some sample footage speak for itself. Here is a sample someone shot at 720p 60fps run back at 30fps to achieve a slow motion effect.

You can go here for more videos that show off the Canon 7D’s video abilities.

So what’s the big point here? The camera is approximately $1600. Cheap for something that shoots such strong HD video.

This brings professional video even closer to the hands of the early professionals to basic consumers.

Written by, Corey Frey
Huddle Productions

Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely and link to

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  2. Kangave Bruhane says:

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