Push vs. Pull Marketing

Push Marketing has worked for years because it was the only system. Marketers would create their message and distribute it to a mass audience. The audience was engaged because they had NO CHOICE. That’s changing.

Social Media helps create a new way to distribute information. A business can get their message out to a large audience through many distribution channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. This is called Pull Marketing because the audience gets to decide what they want listen to.

As a marketer your message doesn’t necessarily have to change just the way you distribute your message. The key is engagement. You want to provide content for viewers and once they’re engaged they’re more receptive to your message.

So don’t continue to “push” your message to the audience that’s called interruption. Let the audience “pull” your information because that’s called engagement. When you engage the audience that means they actually like what you have to say and EVERYONE WINS.

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