Quick Social Networking Facts

The Social Atmosphere of the internet is changing daily. It’s needless to say, the internet has changed our world, dramatically. Because of this, now is the most important time to get involved and integrated into this revolutionary change to our daily lives.

A lot of companies, and individuals, still don’t grasp the magnitude of the internet and social networking. Because of this, they miss out on the next major advancement in business modeling, drastically decreasing their chances of growing into the future. Lets take a look at a video that puts the scale of internet usage into perspective (video in the upper right).

Those are some incredible numbers.

Lets take a deeper look into some facts about social networking.

Below is a graph showing the Average Age Distribution Across Social Sites.

What this tells us is that the 35-44 age bracket dominates this social media realm, in other words, social media isn’t just for teens anymore.

Twitter now has more than 1 BILLION tweets per month. Twitter is on track to make that little piece of card stock you carry around in your wallet called a business card obsolete VERY SOON. Not only can you easily find someone, you can talk to them and engage with them. The simplicity of Twitter makes it a must in todays world.

Facebook, arguably the largest database of personal and business profiles, is growing rapidly. In fact, rapidly doesn’t adequately describe Facebook’s growth. In 2008, Facebook had roughly 150 Million users. Today, it has 400 Million users. Imagine that number this time next year. To put that in perspective. Only the countries of India and China have a larger population than Facebook.

Video, why is it important? YouTube serves up 1 BILLION videos per DAY! Then, 12.2 BILLION of these videos are viewed EACH DAY in just the US alone. And, on average, the typical internet user views 182 per month. This means that video is a vital tool for your business to use, it means, if you’re not utilizing videos on your website, you’re below the expectations of more than 82% of internet users.

So, if you’re one of those companies NOT using social networking for your company, the question is WHY? These numbers don’t lie.

(data retrieved through royal.pingdom.com)

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