Social Media Club of Dallas

It’s the place to be. You have stars, media and even fans. When the event takes place it’s a who’s who of the industry. The biggest names are Clooney, Aniston, Depp, & Jolie? Nope. How about Brogan, Merrill, Colin, & Smoot? Never heard of them? Well your missing a whole new world.

Social Media is changing the way people communicate. It may still be in it’s infant stages but is growing at such a rapid pace that IBM says there will be more changes in the next 5 years then in the previous 50 years combined with the way people communicate.

Mike Merrill totally understands the shift that is taking place. He’s been involved with Social Media for over a decade and that’s why he created the Social Media Club of Dallas.

The Social Media Club of Dallas already has over 600 members and is drawing impressive crowds at their events. Okay you won’t see a “celebrity” but in this world of Social Media you do get “stars”  like Chris Brogan a national speaker and best selling author. If Brogan was the “star” at their last even then Merrill was the “director” that put it all together.

Chris Yates did a video interview with Mike Merrill talking about how he got involved in Social Media at such an early stage.

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