It’s About Social Relationship, Not Social Media

Social networking is being called by different media providers as the “new media” option for reaching consumers. While it is very much a new form of media, to call it, or believe it to be just that alone would be failing to understand it’s true nature… and we know that failing to understand the true nature of a medium has bad implications for those who wish to implement it properly. So it’s vital for any user or business to grasp one vital truth about social networking.

Social Networking is a “new way of living”, it’s not just a fad or a business tool. It would be safe to say that sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have drastically changed how we spend the hours of our days. You wake up, and like many other individuals around the world, you get online, and most would say, sites like Facebook are their first stop. This drastic change would be very difficult to reverse, impossible in today’s technologically driven society. Social networking has become a part of our lives, not just a tool in it.

The vast majority of time spent on social sites is leisurely, not business related. People use it to connect with others and that is the most important part. Social networking is about relationships, not transactions. How we connect with a friend or family member is what drives social networking, this is what drives a user to engage. We engage because we care, it affects our moods and personalities on a day to day basis. We share information with those we are connected to because we’re attempting to share a part of ourselves, each interaction we make within the social networking universe depicts how we live and who we are.

It’s important to realize this as a business, your existence in the social network universe should be one of engaging in relationship building, not transaction building. The term “media” traditionally does not mold well with relationships, it’s usually a one way street. The goal is to change the definition of “media” within the social universe into one of “interaction” and “relationship”. You want your business to exceed at “social relationships” not “social media”

by Corey Frey
Huddle Productions

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