Software Company Prospers without an Office

How a Multi-Million Dollar Software Company Prospers Without an Office

In the wake of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent decree that all Yahoo! employees must now report to work at a physical office, 21st century companies (large and small) are asking: Does remote working really work?

Given the buzz (and Internet indignation) around Ms. Mayer’s decision, I wanted to try and find an example of a company that’s surviving — even thriving — using what’s been called a distributed work model.

After some searching, I found my test case: a 27-employee software company from Boulder, CO (and all over the US and Canada really)

We spent a few days at SXSW with the executives, managers, and employees of Copyblogger, finding out how they do what they do without a physical office, and why they think it works. Copyblogger has an annual meeting to talk face to face with each other. This year they met at SXSW in Austin.

I think you’ll be fascinated by their story, and the success they’ve earned, while only physically meeting as an entire company once a year.

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