Super Bowl Marketing has changed

The Super Bowl gets record number of viewers every year but does that really matter to marketers? Viewers no longer pay attention to messaging because they are no longer willing to accept just anything you throw at them.

The simple answer is the way people communicate is totally different then it was just a few years ago.


Because the distribution channels have changed dramatically.

Viewers used to have NO choice but to listen at the messaging on TV. Now with technology we can TIVO, text, chat, Facebook, and Tweet.

The Viewer is now in CONTROL because it’s OUR CHOICE to what we want to listen to. That’s the biggest difference.

If your a company trying to reach your customer don’t just throw a message out there and hope that the $3 million you spent on a :30 second spot hits the right receiver.

Instead try something new… part of the conversation and you may just connect with them a score big time.

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