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A new study released by enterprise wiki provider Wetpaint and theAltimeter Groupshows that the brands most engaged in social media are also experiencing higher financial success rates than those of their non-engaged peers. To determine this relationship, the study focused on 100 companies from the 2008 BusinessWeek/Interbrand Best Global Brands survey and the various social media platforms they used like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social sites.

After examining the companies and their social media activity levels, the brands were ranked on an “engagement scale” where scores ranged from a high of 127 to a low of 1. Those brands that were the most engaged saw their revenue grow over the past year by 18% while the least engaged brands saw losses of negative 6%.

The top 10 brands engaged in social media, the mavens dominate the list. All of the top 10 are mavens and have seen financial success even in a down economy:

1. Starbucks (127) 
2. Dell (123) 
3. eBay (115) 
4. Google (105) 
5. Microsoft (103) 
6. Thomson Reuters (101) 
7. Nike (100) 
8. Amazon (88) 
9. SAP (86) 
10. Tie – Yahoo!/Intel (85)

If Social Media continues to help companies then why aren’t more of them doing it? One of the excuses we hear all the time is the complexity of it. Most companies just don’t get it.

The first step is to get over the fear of the unknown. It’s really not that difficult. Marc Harty who has over 25 years experience in marketing/advertising says Social Media is actually easier to use then other forms of marketing.

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  1. Jaime Cuesta says:

    May be Social Media is not The Reason for success, but without a good social media strategy your customers are free to leave you alone. It is a defensive movement to stop competitors.

  2. Ferdinand Felix Casantusan says:

    Very interesting topic, Chris. Exploring the net two years ago introduced me to this global phenomenon called social media. Since then, my eyes were opened to endless positive possibilities in building relationships at different perspectives. Top brands/corporations that explore its efficiency and effectiveness are making a smart move, cutting down their costs and time. Social media continues to evolve and most definitely, it’ll continue to change how we do business on a global perspective.


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