Twitter Still Confusing?

Twitter is growing at over 1300% per month and has over 68 million users then why are so many people still confused about it? A new research poll by Harris Interactive shows that 69% don’t know enough about Twitter to have an opinion about it.

Maybe we need a Twitter University. Here is a Top 10 list to educate you on some of the tools for Twitter.

1) Yellow pages for Twitter = Twellow & WeFollow

2) Find Conversations = TweetScan is a tool that you can search conversations by key words

3) TwitPic is a tool to take photos with your phone and put them on Twitter

4) LocalTweeps= filter tweets by zip code

5) TweetBeep= alerts you via email when keywords are tweeted

6) Friend or Follow=find out who is following you

7) TBuzz= when searching the web find out each site’s tweet history

8) Twibs= look up businesses who tweet

9) Twitterholic= find out who the most popular twitter folks are

10) Twitnight= means go to bed and stop tweeting (okay that is my weak joke for the night)