Why Do IT Projects Fail?

According to Gallup Management Journal, 70%+ of IT initiatives fail due to “people” issues.  My question to you is why?

There are 3 rails to business:  People, Process, and Technology.  In today’s world, most money is spent on Technology:  put the system in place, transfer the data, stablize it, and do the minimal amount of training and process engineering.  That’s why more than 70% of IT projects are deemed failures — because they do not focus on the human element.

One of my most recent clients, gave me these 2 quotes:

“95% of ourIT projects in my group require behavioral change” — that is, people have to change the way they do things

“Business process redesign is required in most projects”

Technology / IT changes do not happen in a vacuum.   It requires the People and Processes to be examined in full, along with the Technology component, so all 3 can be aligned.  Change Management is the practice / discipline to ensure this happens.  Change Management is a structured approach for successfully implementing business changes in a planned and systematic fashion so people and organizations understand, accept and support the change as a strategic advantage.

Successful Change Management

  • Accomplishes the original business intent
  • Achieves or exceeds Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Aligns behaviors and actions to business results
  • Delivers high value to customers and employees
  • Develops the capacity to adapt more quickly to change
  • Creates higher achievement – success breeds success
  • Strengthens the organization’s competitive position because organizations are now in a constant state of change