YouTube Videos increased Sales 500%

Some Business owners think YouTube Videos are for silly stunts of dogs riding skateboards, people dancing funny or individuals blending an iPhone. What use is all that? Well one of the three mentioned helped a company improve sales 500%

Blendtec makes the most powerful blenders in the world. So how exciting can that be? Everyone has seen carrots, tomatoes, celery being blended but an iPhone? Or what about blending a video camera? Or blending diamonds? What does this have to do with business? EVERYTHING!

Blendtec saw an opportunity to use YouTube and Social Media by thinking creatively. They wanted to market their blenders and their power but did it with humor. Their YouTube videos have been watched over 100 Million times.

What would that cost on Network TV? Millions. What did it cost on YouTube? Nothing. Sales of Blendtec since the videos were created have increased 500%.

So the lesson here is not about silly videos on YouTube but how to capitalize on them. I’m not saying you need to go stick your computer in a blender to get business. Just think outside the box and create some excitement for your business because if blendtec can make their business exciting so can you and if you can’t then just blend an iPhone instead.

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